Stretchband Packaging are proud to be manufacturing and supplying state of the art biodegradable/compostable films for many uses including mailing and collating.

Bioplastics are thermoplastics polymers made from renewable resources like natural and sustainable vegetable crops instead of crude oil. 100% biodegradable and made from renewable resources, due to consumer driven demand we expect to see an increasing transition from traditional mailing film which, although recyclable, is mostly sent to land-fill and can take hundreds of years to degrade and can cause harm to the marine environment.

  • A recognisable, environmentally friendly look

  • 100% Bio-degradable

  • Can be pre-printed with eye-catching designs on your packaging

  • It is strong and visually environmentally effective

  • Will break down naturally and will fully biodegrade in compost, soil, fresh or salt water

  • In the right environment is gone in just 10 days

  • Compostable Wrap provides an excellent green solution to your packaging and marketing needs

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